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Dear visitors to the site Introducing the Newest Electric Drive Kit to the Rear Door of your New 2018-2021 Toyota RAV4. With Soft Close.
* The electric drive works both from the buttons in the cabin and on the trunk door, and from the standard key fob/car key.
* The device has a built-in pinch protection system that returns the door to its original position when there is an obstacle to closing the trunk door.
* The process of the system operation is additionally accompanied by a sound signal.
* The installation of the kit is carried out without violating the standard wiring.
All connectors are made using pin-to-pin technology (connector-to-connector)
The kit includes everything you need to install an electric drive.
* Electro stops
* Control unit
* wiring set
* buttons to the interior and to the door
* Brackets
* Electric lock with closer
* During installation, you will not need to drill anything. Everything is put in regular places.

The electric drive is compatible with the free hands sensor. Purchased separately.

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