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How to order on the website?
Order without prior registration and authorization.
Do you want to order a single product from us? Just click the» Buy «button and the «Checkout» button.
To place an order in the online store «» for the first time, it is not necessary to register.
There is nothing complicated in placing an order, everything is carried out on one page in several steps.
Select the necessary products and click the «Add to Cart» button.»;
Fill in the required fields and forms; just enter your Nickname, email, and phone number.
Click the «Place an order» button»;
After that, you will receive a message with the order number and status to your email address.
Then wait for the order confirmation by the phone number or email you specified.
Our manager will contact you to clarify the details and nuances, and you can also ask questions.
Order with full registration and authorization.
If you want to purchase several products, add the product you are interested in to the cart by clicking on the «Add to Cart»button. After selecting all the products you are interested in, go to the «Shopping Cart» and place an order.
When placing an order with full registration and authorization, you will fill in all the necessary fields and forms specified on the order page.
We will not be able to fulfill your order if At some stage, you entered your city and your data incorrectly.
Already bought from us-to A new order will be «linked» to your profile, and you will be able to see it in your personal account. Make an order for the first time – we will create a profile and a personal account, «linked» to the mobile phone you specified when ordering. You can always log in and see your orders, bonuses, and personal data.
If you have any difficulties with placing an order, please contact us by email we will definitely try to help you. By specifying the name and version of the browser you are using in the email, and attaching a screenshot of the error or the page that has a problem with the design, you will significantly speed up the resolution of the issue.
Registration on the site?
By registering on the website of the online store «» before the first order, you immediately get access to your personal account and all its advantages: the order history, the page of selected products and, of course, the bonus program, within which you can change bonuses for products without additional payment! Just enter your name, mobile phone number and confirm your registration by entering your personal code from the SMS message!
To start shopping:
Add the selected products to the shopping cart by clicking the «Add to Cart» button.
Go to the shopping cart and carefully check the composition of the order – at this stage, you can add/remove lines and change the quantity of the ordered product. By the way, you can use both the «slider» to select from 1 to 10 pieces of goods, and the field for entering the quantity of goods (from 1 to 10 and more than 10).
In the shopping cart, under the list of products, you will find a field for entering the discount card code (entered in Latin with a capital letter) or a discount coupon.
At the stage of placing an order, please check your contact details, select delivery and payment methods, pick-up point (for courier delivery, specify the most complete address – it will be easier for our courier to find you). If you have any suggestions and clarifications, fill in the field «Comments to the order» — we will try to take them into account.
Click the «Place an order» button and-voila! — the order has already been accepted for processing! Please stay in touch – the operator can call you to clarify the data. As soon as the order is ready for delivery at the pick-up point, we will notify you via SMS. Our courier will call you about an hour before his arrival.
When placing an order, please consider the following features::
The order is considered accepted from the moment of confirmation of the availability of the product by the manager of the online store.
We will not be able to complete the order if At some stage, you entered your city and your data incorrectly.
If the name indicates that the color (pattern) of the product is assortment, the selection of a certain color (pattern) is not guaranteed.
Are you placing an order for an organization?
If you are a representative of an organization and want to purchase goods from us by bank transfer, just after registering on the site, add the profile of the legal entity in the «Comments» window in your personal account, specifying all the necessary details.
After confirming the completeness of the order and the availability of the goods in our warehouse, our operator will send you an invoice for payment of the goods specified in your order, then you can transfer it for payment.
Orders are shipped after the funds are credited to our bank account.

You have any question?