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Product warranty
Warranty service is the free elimination of product defects caused by the fault of the manufacturer, provided that the operating rules established by the manufacturer are observed. The warranty period ranges from 3 months to 1 year, depending on the type of equipment and the specific manufacturer. All warranty and post-warranty service of goods is carried out by specialized service centers that have the appropriate authority to do so.
Pay attention:
Before you start using the equipment, we recommend that you carefully read the terms and conditions and the operating instructions, make sure that they are complete and reliable data, there are no corrections.
The warranty card is the only document confirming the right to warranty repair and maintenance of the purchased equipment. No claims will be accepted without presenting this ticket. In case of loss, a duplicate of the warranty card is not issued. Each warranty card (and description) explains the rules for using the product for its intended purpose, what is allowed and what is prohibited by the manufacturer.
Free warranty repairs are carried out only if the product is found to be defective due to a factory defect, and only within the period specified in the warranty card.
The serial number and model of the product must correspond to those specified in the warranty card.
The warranty repair period is specified separately for each purchased product and is calculated in months from the date of purchase.
To ensure warranty repair or maintenance, the equipment must be transferred to a service center authorized by the manufacturer (the address can be found by calling the phone number specified in the warranty card). Transportation costs are not included in these warranty obligations.
The warranty is cancelled if:
Any protective signs of the manufacturer or the seller are damaged: stickers, stickers, holograms, seals, etc.
The serial numbers on the products or their markings do not correspond to the information indicated in the warranty card.
The products were repaired by unauthorized persons in violation of the manufacturer's requirements and safety standards.
Defects are caused by changes due to the use of the product for a purpose that does not correspond to the established scope of use of this product specified in the operating instructions.
The product is damaged or out of order due to violation of the rules and conditions of installation, connection, adaptation to local technical specifications. conditions of purchase, operation, storage and transportation.
The equipment is damaged due to natural disasters, fires, floods, earthquakes, household factors and other situations beyond the control of the seller.
The product has severe mechanical and / or electrical damage resulting from any actions of the buyer or third parties.
Damage caused by foreign objects, substances, liquids, insects or animals entering the product has occurred.
Defects are caused by the use of consumables that do not meet the requirements of operation.
There were damages caused by the use of non-standard spare parts, non-compliance with the terms of technical and preventive maintenance, if it is necessary for this product.
The service representative noticed the use of abnormal modes or parameters of the equipment or its components (frequencies, voltages, etc.).
The equipment was damaged as a result of the use of low-quality and / or faulty (in particular, mechanically damaged), or non-standard removable media.
The absence of original software on flash cards or other media included in the equipment package.
Third-party software is installed, which is not included in the hardware package.
No license keys required to register the software supplied with the hardware.
Any change to the file system of the software included in the supplied hardware. That is, only the Mobilenavigator folder and the engine.ini file should be located on the flash card or any other storage medium.

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