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FT2160 FOLIATEC Calipers Paint, Glossy Red (Racing Rosso Red)

Foliatec Rosso Red heat-resistant calipers paint is a great material from the German Foloatec glossy red factory.
Such paint comes in the form of a ready-made set for painting calipers with a brush — this allows you to achieve much better quality compared to working with aerosol cans.
The paint is perfectly held on metal for many years, protected from UV rays and easy to apply!
Packaging composition:
— metal can of varnish paint for brake calipers, 125 grams (BRAKE CALIPER LACQUER);
— metal jar of special hardener, 50 grams (BRAKE CALIPER HARDENER);
— aerosol can of cleaner for calipers, 400 ml. (BRAKE CALIPER CLEANER);
— metal brush, brush, stirring stick, latex gloves.
The kit is designed to paint 4 very large calipers.

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