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INVENTCAR® — Electric suction door ADDX020. A set of automatic door closers (suction cups) for Audi/Porsche/Volkswagen cars from 2012. If your car does not include door closers, we are ready to offer you a high-tech solution. To install, you need to remove the door skin and replace the standard Audi lock with a new, electronic lock.

Electric suction door from Inventcar is an intelligent system for automatic suction of doors. Most cars of popular brands such as Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Land Rover/Range Rover, Lexus, MINI, Porsche, Toyota, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen are not equipped with standard door closers. You can easily fix this with Inventcar.

Stud-free automatic door closers for cars are installed instead of a standard lock. The power connection is made inside the door itself, without pulling additional wires.
Thanks to modern technologies, the closer reaches the door tightly, to the desired state on its own without any adjustments.
Closers are made for a certain type of lock and are developed specifically for a specific brand and model of the car.

A1 8X1, 8XK, 8XF  2015-2019
A3 8V1  2017-2021 
A4 (B9 2015-2021
A5  2016-2021
A6 C7  2012-2018
A7 4GA, 4GF  2014-2018
Q3 I (8U 2012+
Q5 II (FY 2012-2020
Q7 4M  2012-2019
TT 8S  2015+
RS3  2016+
RS4  2013+
RS5  2013+
RS6  2013+
RS7  2014+
R8 4S  2016-2018 

Cayenne 2012+
Macan 2014+

Panamera 2012+
918 2015+
718 2012+
911 2012+
GT3 2014+
GT4 2016+

Touareg II 2012 — 2019
Touareg III 2018+

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